EdLog 2013 - In J.K. Rowling's Bed


Our flat perches on top of Black Medicine, Edinburgh’s finest coffee shop. How dangerously easy it is to tumble out of my ex-J.K. Rowling bed (more on that later) for a macchiato and a smoothie.

Ryen, my onstage husband, follows me down for a soup bowl of cappuccino. Every morning since being here in Edinburgh we have told each other that this really must be the last time, and still we tumble in, imbibe and tumble out. Talking of taking a tumble, it is physically impossible to fall out of my once-owned-by-J.K. Rowling bed, or should I say ISLAND! It’s massive; even extreme ‘starfishing’ will not allow you to reach the coastline of the mattress.


I have to say that I was totally freaked out the first night, as I lay there minding my own business and suddenly the bed began to move. I kid you not; I was convinced that someone was underneath it, pushing up my mattress with a murderous intent. Perhaps it was Machete Man (the mythical figure we imagined stalked Jawbone Walk through the Meadows). I prepared, choreographing my defensive moves with apt emotional breath. I was ready to leap from the bed to the light switch so that Machete Man could not grab my ankles… Turning the lights on is the best way of defeating intruders who hide under the bed. We all know that.

Poised on the bed, I leaped, ‘full stag’, off the bed for the switch, at least two metres up. But just as I was about to illuminate the room, mid-air I spotted a swirl of shadows all around me. I was suddenly frozen, held mid-air… Dementors! Dementors in my bedroom, Dementors in my nightmare?! They screeched, their mouths open ready to suck out my soul. I managed just in time to rip out one of the twisted metal poles that adorns the corners of my/JK’s bed and do a quick expelliarmus. Thank goodness I had paid attention in class and all was well. Perhaps this has happened before; perhaps she too had a nervous Edinburgh stormy-night-nightmare fuelled by too much coffee at the Elephant cafe…


It is so exciting being here and before it all starts… You feel the pressure build, as if the storm is about to break. I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to know that in a few days’ time the city will breathe creativity, the streets will be teeming and we, Gecko, will be part of that. I am so in awe of my colleagues. They are not only some of the greatest performers and technicians but they have hearts that swell with love and generosity and booze. I feel blessed to have the chance to be with them for this whole magical month, to be bought drinks by each and every one of them : )


Before I go I must tell you about this service that Ryen and I are offering. It seems that whenever we leave the house the heavens open and we get drenched, only for it then to miraculously dry up as soon as we reach our destination. Today for example, wised up to this, I put on my mac. Ryen assured me the mac was not needed. Ryen had checked the weather forecast; Ryen said no rain, perhaps a few droplets. I opted for my poncho (not of the waterproof variety). We stepped out… golf balls of rain. Sodden, sodden poncho; SODDEN SODDING RYEN. So we will be broadcasting when we are about to go outside so that you know when not to… There will be a minimal charge. Terms and conditions apply.

Over and out.

– Georgina