EdLog 2015 - Rich's Survival Guide


Don’t worry about picking up flyers; social media is the new flyering! Save the trees – let’s go digital! Every time you walk down The Royal Mile you can end up politely gathering a huge pile of paper and card. You look at it once, write down what you want to see, then bin the flyers. Instead, make a note on your phone as you walk along, take down all the companies that look interesting and the names of all the good people you meet, and check them out online. Always have a list on the go. The Fringe has an app and Twitter has all the word-of-mouth you could possibly need… Also, why not get involved? Share feedback about the shows you see on Twitter and Facebook – help others choose what to see!

We have ordered only a handful of flyers this year but we will be having a lot more fun on Twitter (@GeckoTheatre) and Facebook.


If you are planning to hit the Fringe head first, you may find yourself on the move for 12 hours a day (or more). So remember to eat proper food, ideally something to help you fend off Fringe flu! Healthy snacks in your bag will keep you going as you run between venues; and when you do finally sit down to eat don’t just tuck into the totally amazing nachos in the Gilded Balloon Library Bar… or the delicious (yet insanely expensive) Assembly garden burgers… which are totally irresistible late at night… Also, beer is not food and Black Medicine coffee is in fact medicinal.


Make friends with everyone: other companies, audiences, the lovely locals, anyone you can. If you are up with a show, never ever slag off a show in public – you never know who might be listening. Every Fringe participant is trying; everyone is doing their best to make the most exciting work they can. Some people have no resources or time, others have everything they need apart from a great idea… The arts are up against it, but pretty much everyone at the Fringe is on a mission to make something brilliant. As artists and makers it’s essential we stick together. Treat the Fringe like a competition and you are in for a hellish time. Treat it like a festival of art and make as many friends and positive connections as you can, and it’s an amazing place to be.


Dress to stay dry and warm outside then cool and awake inside… And most importantly, choose the right shoes! Cobbled streets, torrential rain and loads of walking means it’s essential to get your footwear right. Look after your feet and give your calves a little love, especially if you are not used to the hills. Avoid baggy jeans and long skirts – it’s easier to dry off wet ankles than sopping wet, heavy jeans (there’s nothing worse than having drenched legs watching a show). Having wet jeans is the fastest way to Fringe flu! Carry a waterproof everywhere and ideally a change of socks. And just when you think you’re prepared… the Sun will come out!


Look out for GECKO CARE STATIONS – A NEW INITIATIVE RUNNING ALL MONTH. Throughout the festival our performers will be offering up to 2 minutes of care at various places across the city, in the street, in the bar and all around our venue. We’ll tweet the location and the ‘open hours’ and you can come and find us! For a few moments you can receive free, loving care (in various forms) and we’ll even write you a theatrical prescription to help you get through the festival in one piece.


Enjoy the Fringe!

– Rich