Global Climate Strike 20th September 2019

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This Friday (20th Sept), the Gecko team will be supporting the UK Student Climate Network’s (UKSCN) Global Climate Strike.

The strike aims to combat the Climate Crisis, protest the government’s lack of action, and support young people across the world who have already been striking for a better future.

Gecko creates shows in response to contemporary societal issues aiming to encourage reflection and dialogue with our audiences. We are beginning work on our new show, which will explore themes of migration, including the displacement of people linked to climate change.

We’re aware that as a touring company we have a carbon footprint and aim to reduce our impact wherever possible including upcycling found objects for props and costumes, travelling by train in the UK and abroad when able, and increasing the length of long distance visits through scheduling touring and additional education work within the same region. We always continue to interrogate the ways in which we can improve.

Artistic Director of Gecko, Amit Lahav, said:

“I think everyone that has an organisation, and that certainly applies to arts organisations, should have a conscientious objective within their organisation to be taking this more seriously than anything else that we’re faced with. I feel a moral obligation to respond, and to think carefully about what we need to be doing. Whether that’s through the creation of work that responds to the climate disaster that we’re facing, or whether that’s in personal life.”

The Gecko team will be joining a number of others in attending our local strike outside Cornhill Town Hall in Ipswich at midday on Friday, and we invite our friends and supporters, both locally and internationally, to get involved.

Visit the UKSCN website to find where your local strike is taking place, or to read up on the organisation’s mission and reasons to join the movement this Friday.