Thurston Project - Student Blog 3 - Faye

We started off this session with an exercise in contact with one another, to ensure a strong relationship without the awkward social norm of boundaries which can inhibit a performance. Keeping contact in at least one place on the body at a time and to music, we developed several series of movements with different partners. This was an interesting, surreal experience because I began to trust and move with the other person without over-thinking and even finding myself constructing a story arc in my mind as the sequence progressed.

We also continued to develop our work with paper, my group exploring the idea of the paper representing paparazzi and the media (or “the papers” so to speak) and how they could stand in as our cameras, the motion showing the flashes of bulbs attacking a celebrity. Our piece centred around three of us in turn attacking one member of our group and eventually surrounding him and overwhelming him to the point where he lashed out at one of us, provoking further attention and this time certainly not in his favour. We experimented with having dialogue but preferred the use of music and no dialogue as it made our actions naturally more comedic and exaggerated, almost in a silent movie style.


Another idea we have experimented with is the use of people holding and personifying objects, similar to how Akaki’s apartment objects move and react to the scene taking place. My group’s scene is centred in an office, with one person being a revolving door into a chair and then a printer, one being a shredder and the other a television. In the next session, we intend to give these objects personalities and character, for example them not wanting to cooperate with myself, playing the woman working in the office.