Thurston Project – Student Blog 4 - Freya

In our fifth physical theatre session working on the project with Gecko, we further expanded upon what we had worked on in the previous lessons. As we had spent the lesson beforehand expanding and developing our walking pattern sequences, in this particular session we worked on our other pieces that were more acting-orientated. The first of these was the short scenes that involved the use of paper and what it suggest about the internal and external world of an individual. Our piece was originally focused on the ‘internal world’ of dreams and the disruptive effect they can have on the physical world. We did this through creating a variety of movements and sounds with scrunched up pieces of paper, such as rubbing them on the floor by the dreamer’s face and crinkling it above her head. Our task was to use what we’d already created to develop and elongate it into a longer scene with more of a story to it.


We decided to show more aspects to the dream than simply the disturbing nightmare we’d portrayed before and be more creative with how we used the paper. For example, to begin we showed a dream of desire by using pieces of paper to create a face with a smiley face drawn onto it that was held in front of an actor’s face. The dreamer danced with the figure for a little while, before the smile was turned upside down into a frown and the ‘dancer’ broke away, suggesting a separation of the dreamer’s desires from reality. As well as this, we used the paper to create an onslaught of birds that attacked the dreamer which then morphed into a birthday scene where the paper became presents, combining more abstract elements to reflect the setting of a dream. Finally, we transitioned into our original scene.

After this, we had to confer with the other group in our class on how we could incorporate more actors into our piece. We decided that we would have more people be a part of the ‘dancer’ in the first dream, rather than just 2 and make it more complex and then simply add more performers to the other scenes. However, we decided we would maintain having only one dreamer as so to fully illustrate the depth of their internal world.