Work Experience Blog - Amelie


In July 2019, Amelie from Kesgrave High School spent a week with us in the office. Here is her diary of the week…


I woke up this morning feeling incredibly anxious with a twisting feeling in my stomach. Going into a new unknown environment is always a little bit scary. However, when I rang the doorbell at Gecko this morning my stomach was put at ease, I was greeted by everyone in the office with keen energy. I started by familiarising myself with Gecko’s work by watching Taylor’s Dummies. This is an incredibly engaging piece with explosive visual effects - you really should give it a watch. After I had watched this we all went and had a cup of tea in the garden, i got the chance to ask the team some questions so I could get to know them better and the conversation was highly topical, discussing Mamma Mia and Grease as well! Later on I was given the task of sorting the tour dates on the website and making sure they were all up to date. I also had too chose some previous posters of Gecko’s work, which gave me the chance to look through the archives and further engage with the company. Looking forward to the rest of the week.


After having an awful night last night I was feeling down this morning. However, once I got into the Gecko office I felt immediately welcomed and looked forward to being able to take my mind off things and do some work. My first task for today was finding a picture for a new Instagram post about the Company Administrator vacancy. I chose a vibrant one from the Time of Your Life and wrote the caption. After this I co-created the Instagram story advertising the fact that the job admissions need to be in tomorrow. I enjoy working with social media so I found this task enjoyable and I am proud with how it looks. This afternoon I have been collecting data from Instagram insights and compelling them into a spreadsheet. I actually found this quite interesting as it gave me the view on how big Gecko’s work really is.


This morning I sat in on one of Mani and Pippa’s meetings. Here I saw one of Pippa’s many many spreadsheets which enclosed all the bookings for future workshops, which I helped her to update. After that I went to get lunch in town and had my favourite lunch yet: Greggs’ Mexican wrap (I am seriously enjoying the selection of food I have on my lunch breaks). After lunch I joined Pippa and Mani on a BSL (British Sign Language) class where I picked up a few signs including swimming, sandwich, wine, dog and bacon - the essentials! After this class I am interested in learning sign language and will look into where I can - I never thought I would have done that this week and I surprised myself with how interesting I found it!


My second to last Gecko day! This week has gone so quickly - I’ve only just been able to wake up on time this morning. Today like my other days I was presented with tasks throughout the day, firstly doing my spreadsheet then compiling questions for a quiz. The quiz settled a bet between Steve and Pippa - but unfortunately they drew (I will have to write another one for tomorrow!).

In the afternoon I had the opportunity to interview Amit the artistic director of Gecko. This was interesting as it gave me more of an insight to Gecko’s creative development process.


Today is my last day at the Gecko office and I’m honestly going to miss it. Throughout my involvement within a working environment it has been significant to make sure all criteria are met to a high standard but this environment is not pressurised as everyone has been very easy to talk to which lead to some fun conversations.

I would highly recommend Gecko as a week for work experience!