Work Experience Blog - Becka

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Working at Gecko has been a great experience for me! My job was mainly office-based so I could receive a sneak peak of behind the scenes of the production work. I had the privilege of meeting some of the team, Belinda, Pippa and Terri, who welcomed me and made me feel at home. Belinda talked me through the safety hazards in case of an accident, which is extremely important.

During the first day, I browsed through Gecko’s website to gain more insight on the company and their past shows. The physical theatre movements were fascinating! They were well put together and it was easy to tell how much effort and time was put into the shows.

On my second day, I had the honour to help make scrapbook for Gecko using past and current show leaflets, posters and newspaper articles. This was my favourite part of work experience because I was able to use my creativity within the job. I also had the opportunity to join in the meeting with Belinda and Steve, who was part of the Ipswich Borough Council. They made me feel relaxed and comfortable because the meeting was in a small coffee shop and it wasn’t extremely formal as I thought it would’ve been.

Belinda had a lovely gesture and talked me through Gecko’s business plan from the past and the future of their productions. I had realised that Gecko is extremely successful because they put a lot of hard-work into their shows and fundings. This is an area I had a lot of respect for. I also had the chance to view the statistics of the audiences when Gecko went on their tour in the UK and internationally.

I was able to help Pippa with typing up databases onto excel for the international promoters, which was enjoyable until my legs fell asleep as I was sitting on the chair for three hours typing everything up onto the computer.

I really enjoyed working with Gecko and I appreciated their hospitality while I was there. I hope I will get another possibility of working in a similar environment in the future!