Work Experience Blog - Harriet

The first time I saw a Gecko show was two years ago, from the very moment the performance started I was in awe! The beautiful expressive movement, the attention to detail and the unique way the show spoke to the audience on an individual basis became the notable starting point to my love of Gecko’s work.

I am currently in my third year studying Theatre and Drama at the University of South Wales.  For a independent professional development module I had to undertake a work placement with a company from the arts sector. I was asked ‘If there were no limitations, where would your dream placement be?’  My answer ‘Gecko! ‘

As you can now imagine, arriving at the Gecko office was very nerve racking. However the moment I stepped into the office I was welcomed with friendliness and open arms by both Pippa and Belinda. My week consisted of meeting a lot of the staff and creative team, sitting in on incredibly interesting meetings, assisting with writing the E-Newsletter, pulling material together for funding applications, and helping with other administrative tasks. I felt a true part of the Gecko team and benefitted from seeing a side of the company that most audience members don’t take into account. From spending my time with Gecko I have a greater understanding of the vast amount of work, time and detail that goes into running a internationally recognised theatre company, as well as an insight into the work that happens away from the stage which has an equal impact and value.

Gecko have been my inspiration to pursue a career in Physical Theatre, and I owe a debt of thanks to the team for having me for the week. I would recommend anybody with an interest in theatre to apply for a placement, as the benefits of my week have been endless.