Work Experience Blog - Jasmin

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I have always been interested in theatre, even when I was really young and we used to go and watch the rock and roll panto at the New Wolsey Theatre. I have always enjoyed drama and performing, getting the chance to be someone completely different, a made up character. So when I was told I had to choose a work experience placement I knew I had to do something to do with theatre. Then my school offered me the chance to do it at Gecko. To be honest I hadn’t actually heard of Gecko before this, so was not completely sure what it was, however I soon after found out and was extremely excited to be doing my work experience there.

On my first day I was greeted by Belinda who then introduced me to everyone, luckily for me there was a show being rehearsed so I got to meet the performers that would soon be starring in that, everyone was so friendly and kind. Belinda also introduced me to everyone in the office, who were equally as nice. I got to see how many people and how much work was behind the shows.

To begin with my tasks included things such as scanning and transferring the scans onto the computer. As the week progressed I was able to do more tasks such as gathering statistics and putting them onto the computer. During the week I also got the opportunity to visit another company associated with Gecko, and help out putting together letters to go out, for their upcoming event, the Spill festival.

Gecko is an amazing place to be, the atmosphere is so nice and everyone is always prepared to help out. It was really nice to see the inside of a company, how many aspects there are to it, and how many people have to contribute in order to make things run properly.

It was great to meet so many new people and do my work experience at Gecko.

Thanks Gecko!