Work Experience Blog - Leah

Over the course of the past week running from Monday 9th July 2018 – Friday 13th July 2018, I have been in an overwhelmingly privileged position to have worked with the office team at Gecko. Particularly because I knew the industry I was about to become a part of was one I aspire to become successful within, an immense wave of anxiety yet excitement was present.  

My first day with Mani and Pippa (Company Administrator and Project/Participation Manager) was very much about settling into a new environment.  Before approaching tasks, I

had a fairly relaxed morning, which consisted of exploring their online platforms, being given a quick tour of their quirky office (that has a number of props from previous shows – awesome!) and the three of us watching The Time of Your Life(also awesome!) which I then reviewed. I was then tasked with forming an updated Gecko contact list to learn about the various roles within the company. This gave me the opportunity to incorporate and develop other skills such as research that was achieved through searching: mails, invoices and the website itself, which took some time but was crucial to ensure all information was reliable.   

When meeting Joff (the General Manager), in similar fashion as to with Mani and Pippa, we discussed the arts by asking each other a series of questions. From this discussion and my ‘interview’ with Rosalind (Executive Producer), I can honestly say this group at the office – and Gecko as a collective – have had such a strong impact but have also been extremely welcoming that even when listening to meetings they encouraged me to ask questions, share opinions and to feel – to some extent – a part of their work. I’ve even expressed my creativity when decorating posters in the corridor, postcards in the office, taking photographs (thanks Mani for your patience when teaching me!), and investigating various web designs/information in preparation for flyers to be used in upcoming performances later in September.  

Throughout the week, it’s been important to make sure all criteria are met to a high standard, but it’s also been an incredible experience to have sensed the light-hearted joys too. For instance, we attended a festival launch event of another company, and had general fun conversations in the office.

The advice given throughout the week has definitely left me feeling much more confident in approaching what seems like a very closed-off industry. And although I have only spent 5 days at the office (…which quite frankly hopefully can say is one day my job!), it’s been an unforgettable learning curve which I’m blessed to have been given, and encourage anyone looking into the business to apply for a space, go to a performance or book a workshop! Thank you.