Work Experience Blog - Lydia

For my work experience I knew I wanted to do something performing arts based. I was recommended Gecko by quite a few people so I decided to apply to do my work experience for a week here after having a look at some of the previous breathtaking work. I am really glad I chose to spend my week at Gecko as I have really enjoyed it and I have learnt so much being here.

Prior to my work experience, I had a short interview with the General Manager Joff which allowed me to introduce myself and gain an understanding of what I would be doing over the course of the week. The interview was informal and quite relaxed which ensured me that my week would be stress-free and enjoyable. As soon as I entered the building on Monday morning, I felt instantly welcomed by Pippa and Mani who gave me a tour around the workplace and helped me settle in. The office is well decorated with many posters of Gecko productions and a number of props in the building that were used in previous shows which I thought was nice addition to the space.

I spent my first morning in the office watching some videos on the Gecko Youtube channel and making myself familiar with the social media pages and the website. I watched a performance of The Overcoat which is an excellent production that toured from 2009-2011. I wrote a review on this piece and analysed it to show my personal interpretation of it. I really enjoyed watching this performance as much like the rest of Gecko’s work, it is very unique and brilliantly crafted to grasp the audience’s attention throughout.

During my work experience, I got the privilege to sit and listen to some meetings. It was interesting to see how everyone worked as a team to discuss and plan how they were going to overcome any dilemmas. I also looked at some of the spreadsheets Pippa created to do with education bookings and used the information to list down the total number of bookings in each category for each year. Doing this made it clear how much the company has grown over time and how the number of workshops has increased a lot. I also got the privilege to handle Gecko’s Twitter page and I created a photo album on Facebook which I found fun being able to discover many different theatre companies and see all the varied performances that will be put on at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. We discussed how social media has changed over time and during this I made some social media suggestions to the company.

I had the opportunity to meet the other staff members at Gecko and interviewed the executive producer Rosalind and asked her various questions about her job to gain an understanding of what her role is and how she got to this position. I personally found it interesting listening to her explaining the aspects of her job as this is something I could refer back to if I decide in the future that this is the route I wish to go down. Everyone at Gecko was always willing to answer my questions and always made the effort to help me if was unsure on anything whilst completing tasks which made me feel very comfortable and created a very relaxed environment. Moreover, in group discussions I felt very involved as I was encouraged to share my opinion and also ask relevant questions to the topic to further my understanding. I also spent some time reading reviews of the outstanding show ’Missing’ and gathered some international press quotes to be used for a flyer, and I got an insight on the graphic design and looked at a flyer for the show as well. I suggested possible improvements to be made and got to see how long it takes to actually create a flyer and how it mostly consists of slight tweaking to make sure things look lined up correctly.

Overall, I have had a great experience spending the week at Gecko. As well as getting on with completing tasks I had been set over the week, everyone has been very easy to talk to which allowed me to engage in some fun conversations whilst I have been here. I would recommend Gecko to anyone who is interested as it is one of the best experiences I have had in understanding the world of work, and it is a very relaxed environment to be in, the team really helped to make my week very enjoyable.

After spending my week here, it has made me want to see a Gecko performance live on stage as I loved watching the performances available online and I think I would appreciate it even more now that I have a further understanding of the work that goes into creating a performance. I am extremely privileged to be able to have spent my work experience here at Gecko, I have enjoyed every minute!