Work Experience Blog - Molly

When my high school assigned me the task of finding a work experience placement, for two weeks, I began researching different theatre companies to apply to, since I am interested in the dynamics of how large theatre organisations operate. Since I already had positive acknowledgement of Gecko I began studying their website and became very interested in their worldwide work and the different aspects of the company.

After completing my research, I sent a work experience placement request to Gecko expressing why I was contacting them, my personal interest in working part-time for the company and skills which I held that I could use to complete certain tasks appointed to me. In which followed Belinda Farrell, Gecko’s General Manager, contacting me to set up an interview to meet her and discuss why I wanted to experience Gecko and what I would be completing during my time there.

On my first day Belinda, introduced me to the layout of Gecko, the different offices at the New Wolsey Studio where I would be working, the kitchen and the studio itself. I was introduced to the team of staff whom work there and to the specific people I would be engaged with for my following weeks. I was briefed on where the fire exits are, the hours I would be working and who to report to if I have any problems, worries or concerns. I was given an agenda of tasks to complete over the following week, which also contained basic contact information.

My first day tasks included learning how to use the computer system, how to answer the telephone; answering, transferring and taking messages, to proof the read new website and to start this work experience blog.

Throughout the week, I continued to develop the website by transcribing videos, made so the content and information of Gecko can still be reached even by people whom have trouble hearing the communication on the videos and/or whom can’t play the videos, which really showed me the widespread of people Gecko is available for.

On my last day, I was given a fascinating tour around the New Wolsey Theatre, where I was shown where the cast and creatives work, create and plan. It really opened my eyes, as did Gecko, about the amount of people, time and consistent change it takes for shows to run.

I was also very lucky enough to be able to watch many rehearsals, for an upcoming new project. Watching Amit Lahav (one of Gecko’s founders and Artistic Director) and Rich Rusk (Associate Director) create a piece of physical theatre with amazing performers, like Chris Evans, is a masterpiece in itself. The amount of detail, changes and time put into creating a ‘Gecko Show’ is a powerful life experience to watch. If the performers were an orchestra and Amit and Rich were the conductors then, the roof of the building would be blown off, because of the amount of energy that is created by the intricate impact of noise and connected movement. The amount of laughter (A lot from Amit) laced through Gecko, explains greater than words the impact Gecko has on the people who work and create there. The name ‘physical theatre’ does no justice of Gecko’s construction, the experience you have when watching ‘Gecko generate art’ is mind blowing and imagination extending. The passion that the performers put into their work alone makes the performance travel from brilliant to majestic.

I am very thankful that Gecko gave me the opportunity to explore its world and to give me the experience of working with great people in a social, upbeat and rewarding environment.

I would strongly recommend everyone and anyone to sign up to their mailing list and to contact them if you would like to do your work experience here and/or if you would like your school to do a workshop here, either option will bring you an amazing ‘Gecko Experience’ in the land of physical and visual theatre.