Work Experience Blog - Sean


Technical whizz-kid Sean from Chantry Academy describes his week’s work experience with Gecko, as well as his process organising it. 

I was assigned by my high school to try sort out my work experience. I already had a good idea in mind I wanted to do something photography based. So I asked my school if they had any on the system but the only place they had was a photo processing shop. I kindly declined the offer because it didn’t interest me. So I carried on looking and I knew I wanted to do something artistic so I thought about theatre and I like drama so I thought I’d give it a go. Once again I asked my school and they gave me the details I needed. So during the summer holidays I called up New Wolsey Theatre to find out, they had no idea what I was talking about and no placements. After the holidays I went back to school to try sort it out and they got me a place with Gecko. I went home and looked on their website; I got excited about it quite fast.

On Monday the 7th of September I turned up at New Wolsey Studio and knocked on the massive red doors. A young lady Pippa ‘the aunt that doesn’t stop working’ took me on a tour of the building and where I would be working. A kitchen, where a lot and I mean a lot of tea is made, a small lounge/meeting area, all the offices and where I should go if I were ill or if I needed any medical help. I was shown where the fire exits were and the studio upstairs. The whole building was quite compact but very nice people I met; the intern whom I spent most of my time with and showing him some stuff. The first day quite enjoyable talking to Belinda ‘the mum of the office’ about why I wanted to come to Gecko. Then Luke ‘the older brother that will be leaving the nest soon’ also known as the Intern. We were talking about camera settings that he would need for an interview with Amit ‘the alpha papa also the founder’ I was also looking at the website in further detail and watched a couple of Gecko performances. I found them amazing and delightful to watch and then further discussed the performances with the office and why I liked them.

The next day I helped Luke out with his camera and then started to dig in to trying to put transcripts onto Vimeo without doing it by hand and we sorted that. That night Belinda got me a ticket to go see Sweet Charity with them. It was amazing I met Amit and he’s so lovely. The next day Pippa had some work for me to do with mailing lists and I did that for 2 days (it was a lot of work okay!) I then got working on transcribing some videos. I learnt a lot listening to the videos hearing what people had to say about Gecko and how Gecko has grown dramatically.

Overall Gecko is a wonderful company and it’s such a nice working environment. The people I met along the way are great, everyone was polite and kind and I wouldn’t mind coming again. I can highly recommend coming to do your work experience here and work with these lovely people. I wouldn’t mind working for them myself.