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Miguel Hernando Torres Umba


Miguel is a Colombian actor, physical theatre performer and director. He trained in Acting at the Superior Academy of Arts of Bogota (Colombia) with further specialist training in Corporeal Mime at the International School of Corporeal Mime in London. He is part Cirque du Soleil’s roster of physical actors and joined Gecko’s Missing in October 2018.

He is the Artistic Director of Blackboard Theatre, a company he founded as a channel to create work that responds to human and sociopolitical issues. He performed in and developed the original idea for the company’s latest show, STARDUST, which was written by Daniel Dingsdale and created in collaboration between artists from Colombia, UK and France. The show is an irreverent and impassioned multimedia solo production exploring the human cost of the global cocaine industry on communities in Latin America.

Miguel works regularly with immersive theatre specialists Secret Cinema as an actor, Performance Director and Associate Creative Director and formed part of the core team that lead some of the companies most popular productions including Back to the Future and Moulin Rouge.

Miguel is also Associate Creative Director at carnival arts company Mandinga Arts, with whom he has worked as performer, choreographer and workshop leader for over 9 years. He is currently leading and developing the company’s new artistic ventures.