Social Media Ideology

Gecko is totally committed to a central idea: get as many people as possible to see the work we make.

It’s a simple idea that comes from Amit’s belief in the quality of the work we make and his desire as an artist to share the way he sees the world. Also, obviously, without an audience Gecko cannot survive.

Social media is a brilliant way to help us find new audiences and engage with the community on a wider scale. But our social media is about much more than just ‘bums on seats’.

This is how we run our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.

  1. We have a complete open door policy – we believe in sharing anything that we think our audience will find interesting. We have nothing to hide at Gecko. We are artists; we are fascinated by how work is made, how people operate and interact, and all the tiny details that go into making art. We try to share these things with our online audience as often as we can.

  2. Our social media is led by artists, not marketing professionals. This means we are sharing our process from the inside. Company members are interviewed without warning or preparation, our photos are taken from within the working environment by the people who know it best and our tweets reflect the unedited opinions of the company on the ground.

  3. Amit Lahav believes that the most successful form of development as a company will come from genuine relationships. Relationships with artists, venues, and most importantly audiences. We do everything we can to respond to questions and requests from our online audience – we read every tweet and discuss posts as a company, often in the bar after the show or in rehearsal. We love to meet our audiences and social media allows us to do that all over the world.

  4. We will Retweet (RT) audience feedback from our shows. We are proud of the comments we receive. We only share about 10% of the comments we receive and we have been known to RT negative reviews of our work too. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and we want to be honest with our followers.

  5. It’s not a competition. We have no competitors in the arts, we are all in it together. It’s a hard enough time as it is, especially for new artists. Everyone is doing their best to make the most amazing work they can. When we see a project that we think looks interesting, or a new company who needs some advertising or support online, we always try to help. Twitter is free, a Retweet doesn’t cost us anything. If we can point our followers in the direction of a company or show that we think looks interesting, then of course we will!

We are always looking for ways to develop our social media and sometimes we post some pretty obscure stuff. But Gecko have a very healthy relationship with failure and we are willing to try anything to find the most interesting, fun, thought-provoking and inspiring materials to share with all our amazing online followers.