Be part of the story

Founded in 2001, Gecko is one of the UK’s leading companies creating exciting and innovative new performance that thrills audiences all around the world.

We are bold and ambitious. We want to share our shows and creative process with a wide range of people, from our home in Ipswich to across the globe and through the Internet.

We’re asking for your help to do this. If you like what you see then please consider supporting us with a one-off contribution, or an annual donation. From a fiver to five grand, together we can engage more people with Gecko’s work, whatever their background.

Gecko is committed to serving our audiences, industry and community. As well as creating and touring new work, we deliver workshops in schools, support teacher training, and provide professional development through residencies, placements and mentoring. We work to break down barriers to access, both on the road and at home.

We are an Arts Council England National Portfolio Organisation and our funding accounts for about 40% of our turnover. To continue to grow in scale and reach we need to diversify where our income comes from.

Every donation is meaningful and we’ve adopted a ‘pay what you can’ approach. We won’t take repeat payments but we will contact you in a year to ask if you’d like to continue your support.

£50 pays for a pair of shoes for a Gecko performer’s costume

£100 sparks 4 seconds of movement

£500 lights a scene

£1,000 trains a performer to deliver Gecko workshops

£8,000 brings the ensemble together for a week of creation

£40,000 builds a set

For more information please email