Dan Watson


Dan was a formative member of StopGAP Dance Company before moving on to work with such artists as Wendy Houstoun, Nigel Charnock, Stan Wont Dance, 5 Men Dancing, Slung Low Theatre, Protein Dance, Sweetshop Revolution, Seven Sisters Group and Freddie Opoku-Addaie amongst others. He was a collaborating artist on UNDER directed by Portuguese artist Miguel Moreira (Utero) and features in the award winning short film You, directed by Graham Clayton Chance. Dan joined Gecko for The Time Of Your Life, broadcast live on BBC4.

As a maker he has created Semi Detached, PrecariouslySweetest Things and the duet Jacket Dance. He is currently working on a new duet Largely Unsung. Dan has also created work for StopGAP, Flight Effect and Them Two Dance. In 2012 Dan was the Choreographic Assistant on the Universal/Working Title movie of the musical Les Miserables. More recently he was choreographic assistant on Dancehall (CAST) and co-choreographer for The National Commemoration of the Battle Of The Somme in Manchester, choreographing a cast of over 350 volunteers and professionals to perform to an audience of 19,000 people.